Ben Farnese

Raphael Farnese

Ben Farnese
(from the beautiful mountains of Colorado)

I started my journey in the year 2009. I had this dream that I wanted to help people and travel the world. I had zero experience, I didn’t know anyone in the industry and everyone I cared about was against me. No matter how many “businesses” I joined or how many people I talked to, I fell flat on my face.

One day, I met someone that introduced me to someone else and that somebody saw something in me. That person happened to be one of the Top Coaches and is in the top 40 income earners in the world in our industry.

He took me under his wing (literally) flew me out from Colorado to his Mansion in Phoenix and taught me for the better part of year. Their was nothing in it for him, he just cared… I was so blown away by his generosity that it changed something in me.

I wanted to be that for someone else. Give back, pass on what was given to me. Be the person that says: “Hey, I believe in you”. Inspire them, show them their dreams were actually possible. Encourage them to break past those limiting beliefs that kept them from living the life they deserved.

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that someone taking a chance on me. Now, I want to do that for you. If I had my hands on something like this when I first attempted to go online, I would have been light years ahead, but guess what? I’m HERE NOW. And that’s all that matters.

Imagine 1 year from now what your life could look like. YOU running life on your own terms… You decide when you get to go see family, without asking anyone for permission. Maybe hit your favorite spot on the beach with that special someone by your side. And they’ll say “thank you”, because YOU took a chance on yourself.

My dreams have come to life. Because I took a chance on MYSELF. Now, I travel to beautiful countries all over the world, working from my laptop, helping people just like you.

Run with this system,

Run with this Team.

You might not get another chance like this… Take it.

Do something your future self will thank you for.

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Raphael Farnese

I have been in the Construction business, Landscaping, Building sprinkler systems and even down to Ditch digging…most of my life! The one thing I realized as I worked so hard with physical labor… No matter how hard I worked I NEVER could get ahead.. or have any time with my family because I was always working to give them the “LIFE” that I wanted us to all have.

I finally drew a line in the sand and said to myself if OTHER people can do it why are they any better than me?.. Why are they any different than me? I’m driven .. I’m willing to do what it takes.. So as that festered in my head one day I walked off the job site and made a decision to get what I WANT. I then decided to try the online world… After 3 Years of failing from program to program and trying the next best “Thing”… I just kept falling on my face.

I maxed out all our credit cards spending over 10k online at that point I was splitting from my wife because of me trying so many things and losing our next egg just wanting to get the us the “Good Life” But the same thought came to my head again… IF OTHERS can do it.. WHY can’t I? I decided to try it one last time and give it my all and if it did not work then back to the work world it was… I found this system and within my first 40 days I saw my first result online.. That was the best day of my life.. not that I was rich but I knew from that point on I could do it…

After a year having my major success here in the company I decided to also become a Success Coach helping others that are or have been in my situation. Since then I’ve been working in the online industry Coaching for the last 5 yrs, 3 of those years I’ve been and still am the Top Coach in the company! Fast forward to today I have all the time in the world with my family now.

My Passion/purpose is to help others achieve their goals… I love the feeling each time I see one of my members get results. It reminds me of me and just makes me feel amazing. Now is your time to get what you came for.. Call me…let’s find out what your goals are…

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